5 B2B Marketing Tactics You’d Better Enlist

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5 B2B Marketing Tactics You’d Better Enlist


Wondering how to improve your B2B lead generation process? Things change quickly in digital marketing, and the way you brought in new customers yesterday may not work today. But with a little strategic retooling, you can revitalize both the way you find new customers and the way you keep them coming back.


1. Embrace content marketing.

If you haven’t jumped on the content marketing bandwagon yet, there’s no time like the present. Look into outsourcing if you don’t have an in-house editorial team – your accountant has been doing a great job, but she has other work to do. There are agencies that specialize in content strategy and development – work with one of them. They will bring a strategic perspective to your campaign that no entry-level freelancer can provide. Don’t throw away money on meaningless content that will ultimately damage your brand.

2. Optimize for mobile.

If you’re not fully engaged in the mobile game at this point – you need to be. Mobile devices now account for 60% of time spent online – which means that if you don’t have a fully responsive website, you’re losing out. Content and ad copy should also be tailored for the mobile platform – copy should be concise, and images should be scalable to read well on the small screen.

3. Dig deeper on social media.

If your social strategy is little more than just posting the same industry articles on every channel, it’s time to up your game. While Facebook and Twitter still dominate the social scene, there are more options for you to explore these days, and you want to tailor your posts to those different audiences. LinkedIn’s publishing platform is a great tool, especially for B2B lead generation. Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram are all places you’ll find professionals hanging out now. Google+ is especially well-suited for anything tech-related. Understand your niche, and then deliver custom content to your best prospects where they are and in the language they prefer.

4. Clean up your paid lead lists.

If you don’t make it a habit to review your paid lead lists, you should be doing so at least every six months. If you buy lists, the company that provides them should be proactive about removing duplicates and nonexistent addresses before handoff – make sure they do. But more than that, you want to do a periodic check to see how your list is actually converting for you. Even if it was once converting well, lists can go cold. If you find that yours is no longer performing, consider your options. Maybe you want to try out another company, or maybe you need to change the parameters of your request because market conditions have shifted. The same strategy applies to those lead-gen directories you subscribe to – are they directing the same quality leads today that fed your sales team in the past?

5. Seek out strategic partnerships.

Strategic partnerships can be a strong source of leads, especially if you know how to pick a winning horse. Look for companies with products or services that complement your own – they likely have a similar need for strong partners who can help them grow their business. Say you design websites – you might want to team up with agency that specializes in social media or local search. You can recommend them for work that’s not in your wheelhouse, and vice versa. Beware partners who are benefitting from the relationship but not returning the favor. If you find yourself in this situation, look for ways to be more strategic about your partnerships.

If you’d like to explore even more ways to bring in more leads for your company, LeadGeneration.com can provide you with a free consultation. They can help you navigate the tools available and develop a custom program for your B2B lead generation process.

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