Leveraging Microsites to Your Advantage

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Leveraging Microsites to Your Advantage


As the depth and size of the Internet has grown, so too has the savvy by which potential customers search for the specific services they require. Years ago, people would go to Google and type in a very generic term such as “mortgages” and Google would return their search results. As time has passed, consumers demand more of their search results and type in more specific keyword phrases such as “Lowest Mortgage Rates in NJ”. This more specific search enables Google to provide a much more targeted return and one that a user feels will provide them with exactly what they need.

With that said the ability to have your company’s main website rank well for what could potentially be hundreds of targeted keywords is unlikely, but the notion of creating a network of optimized, specific microsites provides marketers with the chance to collect very specific opportunities.

Take for example the previously mentioned “Lowest Mortgage Rates in NJ” keyword search. Should you be able to acquire a domain related to that search like “LowestMortgageRatesNJ.com” and build relevant, unique content around that microsite, you have a great opportunity for a strong return on your investment. Just remember to keep it very focused on the narrow scope of keywords that this microsite would have the opportunity to rank well for.

The microsite process works exceedingly well for companies that have several product lines, as their customers may be searching for one specific area. The example I always like to use is Walmart. The store carries lots of products and a large number of people love going to Walmart to do all of their shopping in one convenient location. However, plenty of other consumers choose to go to specialty stores to find each genre of the products they need. This is no different on the Internet.

While some people may continue to focus on broad based, generic keyword searches, others are doing more drilled down, ultra specific searches. These very targeted searches convert at an excellent rate and are often some of the best lead opportunities your business will find.

While you always want to place focus on your core website, the integration of product/service specific microsites enables you to place targeted marketing efforts on specific offerings. The traffic headed to these sites should provide a nice boost to your bottom line.

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