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Lead Scoring


How do you prioritize leads intelligently? Tracking the behavior of current prospects and their level of engagement can help determine their place in the buying cycle. Assigning points for various actions, lead scoring provides a data-driven approach to delivering the right message to each prospect at the right time. Organization is essential in every element Read more »

Drip Marketing and Lead Nuturing


So many sales opportunities are lost due to ineffective follow up with leads who were engaged early in their buying cycle. It is crucial to stay in touch with prospects from beginning to end by presenting appropriate information and resources along the way based on where those leads are in the sales funnel. What is Read more »

Demand Generation


As much as we would like them to be, not everyone is ready to buy right now. To get the most out of a demand generation campaign, it is crucial to be conscious of where your prospect is in the sales cycle and stay engaged with the right message and process from beginning to end. Read more »

Lead Management and Sales Funnel Improvement


A common issue for sales teams is the inability to effectively manage opportunities in various stages of development. Many companies lose prospects to inadequate follow-up and slow initial response. Our team provides a comprehensive process designed to improve response times and increase lead volumes. Leads that are contacted within moments of the inquiry being placed, Read more »

Lead Acquisition Enhancement


One aspect of the lead generation process that is often overlooked is the ability to capture opportunity effectively. Many companies focus heavily on driving opportunity to their website or a print advertisement but they do not do enough to engage and capture that prospect’s information to actual place them in to their sales funnel. At Read more »