Developing Leads with Organic SEO

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Developing Leads with Organic SEO


Search engine optimization, in simple terms, is an Internet marketing strategy that strives to improve rankings and visibility for a website. An effective campaign should focus on getting the site ranked highly for keywords that are highly relevant and heavily searched. Sites that achieve these rankings can massively increase traffic from potential customers and creates the opportunity to increase leads and sales.

Search engines like Google, strive to present users with the most relevant results to provide their value. They create complex algorithms that are constantly evolving to determine what websites are best for any keywords you can imagine. Given the tremendous benefits businesses can gain from having their websites appear highly on a popular search engine, there is also great competition to hold these positions. A good strategy also factors the level of competition for the keywords targeted, so that rankings can be achieved in as little time as possible.

While there are general guidelines Google recommends for how it values sites, there is no definitive road map on how to achieve certain rankings. Also, rankings are constantly changing as algorithms are enhanced and data is updated. Further, results are far from instantaneous, efforts made today may not make an impact for weeks or months and steady consistent effort is required to win this type of race. As a result, many companies struggle to leverage SEO successfully as a lead source. and WebiMax have been highly successful at helping our clients gain top rankings in organic search results despite these challenges. Our expert team supports hundreds of clients and uses comprehensive approach to get the best results including:

  • Content development & promotion
  • Quality link building
  • Technical modifications to sites that Google values
  • Social Media

We also realize that just getting the traffic to your site isn’t enough. Our team also focuses on the landing pages your visitors are seeing to help get the highest conversion rate of visitors to become leads.

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