The New Era of Business Leads: Social Media Marketing

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The New Era of Business Leads: Social Media Marketing


Think for a moment how you come by most of your information on a daily basis; whether it is a news story, an article, a discovery or information regarding family and friends, it is safe to say that one often hears about it through some sort of online medium. Social media has really changed the way our world operates, and will continue to do so for some time. Various online sources such as a company’s Facebook page, LinkedIn page and interaction through social media has connected individuals like never before.

As a business, the product or service you sell could be top-notch, groundbreaking or simply what a client or customer needs; but if they do not even know it exists, how can they take advantage of it? Drumming up business or sales leads has changed. In some ways it is easier than ever to get in contact with the right person. Let’s review some quick tips on getting the most out of social media marketing and generating the leads and business that you need.


The Facts

Do you actually believe that social media sites have on leads and conversions? Or are you still set in the old ways of thinking? Let’s look at a few facts here: 77% of Business to Consumer marketers have acquired a customer through Facebook. Facebook leads all social media outlets at 26% in terms of referring traffic to websites. Think about the time and energy spent in the traditional ways of gathering leads: cold-calls, face to face meetings, traveling to meet with a potential lead and so forth. Social media is here to stay. Let’s look at some more hard data.

  • LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook
  • 77% of Business to Business marketers state that they have acquired a customer via LinkedIn
  • 84% of marketing companies overall are utilizing some form of social media

It’s fairly clear that social media has an enormous impact on producing leads and creating conversions.


Defining the Effectiveness of Social Media

If your business hasn’t taken advantage of the tremendous possibilities of gaining business leads via social media marketing, don’t wait another second. The biggest impact on generating sales and business leads has come from SEO and social media.

  • SEO -> 59%
  • Social Media – > 21%
  • PPC – > 20%

The conversion rates are nearly double when using SEO as opposed to PPC. Businesses and consumer are responding in an extraordinary way when a particular company utilizes SEO; 77% of buyers say they would purchase from a company that utilizes social media and SEO.

Ultimately, it comes down to how well you are connecting with your potential customer. The data is there: social media outperforms PPC and is a roadmap for getting new business leads. Making efforts via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other sites can ultimately lead your business to a better future.

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