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Demand Generation: The Force of Your Sales Funnel


You’ve heard this term before, and you know it has something to do with the hundreds of things required to create the ultimate online experience for your future customers. Inbound marketing is just the beginning, as it is merely a subset of a wider terrain of tools and strategies that guide the makeup of your Read more »

Leveraging Microsites to Your Advantage


As the depth and size of the Internet has grown, so too has the savvy by which potential customers search for the specific services they require. Years ago, people would go to Google and type in a very generic term such as “mortgages” and Google would return their search results. As time has passed, consumers Read more »

How to Repurpose Content to Maximize Leads


So you spent a lot of resources creating a landing page and writing a killer piece of content for lead generation purposes, but are you getting the most mileage out of it? Whether it’s a whitepaper, an eBook, or a webinar, there are dozens of ways to take that content piece and repurpose it for Read more »

How to Start Using Facebook for Generating Leads


If you aren’t using Facebook as a tool for growing your client base then you’re missing an opportunity to turn prospects into customers. There are several ways businesses can use social media to generate leads, but today let’s focus specifically on Facebook. Here are the top three ways to use Facebook’s advertising platform as a Read more »

The New Era of Business Leads: Social Media Marketing


Think for a moment how you come by most of your information on a daily basis; whether it is a news story, an article, a discovery or information regarding family and friends, it is safe to say that one often hears about it through some sort of online medium. Social media has really changed the Read more »

Developing Leads with Organic SEO


Search engine optimization, in simple terms, is an Internet marketing strategy that strives to improve rankings and visibility for a website. An effective campaign should focus on getting the site ranked highly for keywords that are highly relevant and heavily searched. Sites that achieve these rankings can massively increase traffic from potential customers and creates Read more »

Generate Leads Through Email Marketing: 4 Things to Consider


Email marketing is a great way to keep in contact with potential and existing customers, keeping them updated with the latest content, products, and industry news. However, without a strong list of leads, it can be difficult to build loyalty and credibility among your customer base online. In order to build your list and generate Read more »